Working at NAOS

Be who you are, where you are.

Working at Naos

Working at Naos is a little different than working at other companies. Our culture values certain traits that we look for in team members and that we all want to improve on over time. We value proactivity, problem solving skills, effectivity, goal orientation and striving towards continuous improvement. Read more about our values here.

Where we work

We believe in individuality, which is why we operate as a distributed team. That means everybody picks their own work environment and schedule. Want to work in a coffee shop or co-working space? Fine by us. Are you more productive with music on? Go ahead and tune in. Are you a morning person? Great! Night Owl? Also good. The point is, we are not convinced that working in a cubicle from 9-5 is the most productive setting for everbody, which is why we encourage everybody to find their best way to work. We also save a ton of time on commuting that we can spend with our family and friends instead. Learn more here.

Open Positions

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    Fullstack Developer

    Build awesome stuff
    Top to bottom, front to Back!

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    Frontend Developer

    Be the person that defines how our customers expierence our products.

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    Get awesome experience doing actual work on relevant projects

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